ICT short skills

Introducing our Short ICT Courses at Sallychanza Business

About our short skills

We make tech easy! Learn Intro to Computers, Master MS Office, create Mobile Apps, and navigate Google Spreadsheets effortlessly. Join us for a simple and fun journey into the digital world. Gain practical skills for success. Let's make tech work for you! 

Discover the essentials of computer basics in this course. Learn about hardware, software, operating systems, and file management. Perfect for beginners or those seeking a digital literacy boost.  

2. Mobile Apps

Dive into mobile app development for Android and iOS with our user-friendly course. Learn design, interfaces, and coding essentials. Open doors to endless possibilities in this ever-growing field. 

3. MS Office Package

Unlock the power of Microsoft Office with our user-friendly course. Master essential tools and features for productivity. Gain practical skills to excel in the workplace. Elevate your career with us! 

4. Google Sheets

Unlock the power of Google Spreadsheets with our straightforward course. Master essential skills for efficient data management, analysis, and collaboration. Join us to streamline your spreadsheet proficiency 

4. Web development

Explore the world of web development with our accessible skill. Master essential concepts, tools, and frameworks for creating functional and user-friendly websites. Join us to unlock the potential of web development 

4. LAN/MAN Admin

Explore the world of LAN/MAN administration. Acquire skills in network management, troubleshooting, and security. Join our course to master industry-standard tools and ensure seamless operations for businesses. Elevate your career in network administration with us 

Tailored services

Whether it's mastering computer basics, honing MS Office skills, delving into mobile app development, or mastering Google Spreadsheets, we've got tailored solutions to elevate your digital proficiency. Join us for personalized, online learning today!