Gps tracking systems

ZICTA Certified

Trust Our GPS Trackers! Exciting news: Our GPS trackers are ZICTA certified! This means they meet Zambia's electronic communication authority's high standards for reliability and accuracy. Feel confident in our trusted tracking solutions. Explore them now! 

Types of Subscription

We provide four package options: Basic, Standard, Professional, and Custom (available upon request). You have the flexibility to choose for either a One-Time Payment Plan (see details below) or a Monthly Subscription Plan

Monthly Subscription Plans









One-Time Payment

Choose the access level that fits your needs, whether it's Basic, Standard, Professional, or Custom. Plus, enjoy flexibility with our one-time payment options 

Basic Access Plan: K 1,350.00/tracker - (One Time Payment)

Standard Access Plan: K 1,850.00/tracker - (One Time Payment)

Professional Access Plan: K 2,250.00/tracker - (One Time Payment)

Custom Plan: K 3,000.00/tracker - (One Time Payment)

Flexible One-Time Payment options

You have the choice to either Pay in Cash with the listed prices and plans above or opt for a Payment Plan below. Please be aware that terms and conditions apply to these payment plans:

Key Steps in GPS Tracker Subscription and Installation Process 

Subscription Selection 

Choose your preferred plan, read the service terms and contact us 

Appointment Confirmation 

Once subscribed, we'll coordinate a convenient installation date and time with you via email or phone 

Professional Installation 

Our skilled technicians will arrive at the agreed-upon time to install the GPS tracker at your location. 

Document Signings 

After installation, necessary documents will be presented and signed electronically or physically for service initiation. 

Refer and earn free service!

Who can participate?

Only active subscribers are eligible for referrals and free month usage.

How does it work?

Basic Plan:

Referral Benefits:

Standard Plan:

Referral Benefits:

Professional Plan:


Our referral program is a way to reward you for spreading the word about our service. Join in and start enjoying the benefits today!

Types of dashcam solutions





Types of Gps tracking solutions

M558S – 2G Small & Basic Tracking Solution

M588GS - 3G Standard Vehicle Tracker

M558T - 4G Standard Vehicle Tracker

Support LTE/GSM

M558F - 4G Cat M1 Standard Vehicle Tracker

Our Tracking Platform

Welcome to our user-friendly GPS tracking platform! Navigate with ease using the tracking map, manage info effortlessly, and access detailed reports and charts. Our platform also boasts a handy app for Android phones, iPhones, and iPads, allowing you to stay in control of your fleets anytime, anywhere. Simplify your tracking experience with our all-in-one solution 

Web Interface

Stay secure with our easy-to-use web platform! It's sleek, fast, and always reliable. Our cloud server ensures unlimited data storage for safety and speed. Drive with confidence - subscribe today! 


Grow your business with ease! Our platform lets you effortlessly create and manage users. Whether you need multiple user levels or want to handle trackers, we've got you covered. Simplify your operations and take control. Join us now for a hassle-free experience! 

Mobile Apps

Control your ride anywhere with our free Android and iOS apps! Track your vehicle and find friends using GPS on your phone or tablet. Easy and hassle-free. Download now for on-the-go control! 

Mobile App Platform

Web Platform Solutions