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At Sallychanza Business Cafe, we've got your business covered! From high-tech ICT services to vibrant branding and printing, and essential stationery solutions. Simplify your tasks, boost your brand. Your all-in-one hub for seamless business support. Easy, efficient, and everything you need in one place! 

CCTV Security Solutions

Secure your space with our CCTV solutions! We handle it all – from installation to setup and ongoing maintenance. Our team ensures top-notch performance for cameras, DVRs, and monitoring systems, enhancing your security effortlessly. Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive CCTV services, designed for simplicity and effectiveness. Your safety is our focus – trust us to keep an eye on what matters most. Contact us for seamless security solutions tailored to your needs 

We keep your CCTV system running smoothly. Our team performs regular check-ups and swiftly addresses any technical glitches. We're dedicated to maintaining the reliability and longevity of your security setup. Count on us for hassle-free, technical care ensuring your peace of mind 

LAN/WAN/MAN Solutions

Elevate your network with our comprehensive LAN/WAN/MAN Administrative Solutions. We specialize in designing and implementing scalable network architectures, ensuring optimal performance and security. Our services cover expert installation and configuration of routers, switches, firewalls, and servers. Continuous monitoring, swift issue resolution, and regular maintenance keep your network running smoothly. 

We prioritize robust security measures, protecting against unauthorized access and data breaches. Analyzing network metrics and fine-tuning configurations enhance speed and reliability. Detailed documentation, performance reports, and support for upgrades and expansions complete our tailored IT solutions for your organization's success. 

Gps tracking Solutions

Empower your business with advanced GPS trackers and dashcams. Our services include the expert installation and configuration of GPS tracking devices and dash cameras. This ensures real-time vehicle tracking, optimized routes, and detailed incident recording. Elevate your fleet management and enhance vehicle security effortlessly. 

Trust our team for seamless technical solutions that make a difference in your business operations. Embrace the future of efficient and secure transportation with our professional services. Simplify your path to success – choose reliability, choose us 

Simplify your ride security with Sallychanza! For an affordable K125/Month, we install Gps tracker + dashcam, ensuring worry-free protection. We cover all maintenance, promptly replace faulty units, backed by a 1-year guarantee. Our dedicated technicians handles your needs. 

Drive confidently and enhance road safety with Sallychanza - your trusted partner in worry-free driving 

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Mobile App Solutions

Unlock the potential of mobile technology with our custom mobile app development services. Our skilled developers craft intuitive applications tailored to your needs. Imagine simplifying complex tasks like inspections, surveys, and reporting with user-friendly apps. Picture seamlessly managing and analyzing data, enhancing efficiency in operations. 

Whether it's optimizing field surveys, automating inspection processes, or generating detailed reports on the go, our mobile apps empower your business. Join the digital revolution and harness the capabilities of mobile applications for a more streamlined and efficient approach to tasks critical to your operations. 

We stay ahead with the latest advancements, providing cutting-edge devices like smartphones, tablets, network switches, wireless routers, and services like cloud storage, GPS trackers, and dashcams. Partner with us to harness technology's power. Elevate your business with our comprehensive solutions